What smells repel birds?

Parasites are known to live in or on another organism and benefit by deriving nutrients on other’s expense and they are just too many out there but thankfully Birds are not one of them, they are not creepy and gruesome rather they are mostly conceived as beauty and people usually welcome them in their homes. But Pigeons, Ah! Call them the rat of the bird family, when they become freeloaders and start stealing your food and damaging your crops, and pollute the environment around you, the first thing you would want to do is to get them out of your homes at all costs. While a lot o methods and techniques are already in practice to deter pigeons humanely, for example, setting up scarecrows and hanging windchimes and so forth. Killing birds is unlawful and simply heartless. So we have come up with ways you can ward birds off. One of the easiest and most economical way is to use smells to deter birds. There are certain smells that pigeons and other birds detest strongly and would not want to be around at any cost. So read on the article and try these smells out to effectively repel birds. 1. Garlic One of the most regular approaches to deter birds from your yard is by growing garlic. just sow some garlic in different spots to help shield your vegetable garden from the birds. The odor it discharges will repel most, yet not all birds. Or you can simply fill a spray bottle with garlic oil and spray it here and there in your garden to keep birds as far as possible. 2. Cayenne Pepper. In a little bowl, crush the chili peppers, make sure to pound them well. Fill a bottle with the water, and then add the squashed red pepper to the mixture. Empty the handmade bird repellent into the spray bottle, and splash the blend on your plants and in the bigger regions where birds regularly visit 3. Peppermint Oil. Additionally, you can make a homemade bird repellent gel with peppermint oil. Birds detest the smell of peppermint and it also itches their nose so they tend to avoid the area. Another fun fact is that this product emits ultraviolet light which along with its smell and gel surface gives birds the vibe of fire. 4. Smoke and aerosols Alongside the edibles, some other things can be extremely harmful to birds. For example, smoking is not only injurious to humans but also equally harmful to birds, who are very sensitive to smoke and different aerosols. Hairsprays, perfumes and all the other stuff that you use to look presentable is toxic for birds. While these items should not be used around the birds. We can effectively use them to deter birds. Just spray your favorite perfume or hairspray as you catch sight of a bird and you will force it to leave in no time. 5. Hot sauce The least expensive and maybe the easiest approach to deter pigeons from stooping and building their nests on your property is to cover the edges with flavors. Pigeons don't appear to like sharp flavors, for example, onion, cumin, pepper, garlic, bean stew, Tabasco and cinnamon. However, Repellents like this are not ensured to keep the pigeons under control and they must be used every time it rains.

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